2015 Challenges

Happy 2015! The holiday season for me was excitingly relaxing. While I didn’t have many outrageous plans, I had a few holidays right after each other that were fun and relaxing. It was a nice break to take it easy rather than frantically running around to make plans.

Now a few weeks into the New Year, I’ve had some time to think about my resolutions and some of the goals I am looking forward to this year. I’m pretty bad with New Year’s resolutions because I usually forget them, and pick back up on them several times throughout the year. Last year the only resolution I can remember is that I wanted to be a better listener, how general is that? I think I made some progress, but it’s back on the list this year. I don’t really have a list of resolutions for this year, but more so a theme: challenge. I really want to challenge myself this year, and am looking forward to continuous and new challenges.

One of my challenges is to run more races this year. After my half marathon last year I hit a bit of a wall and was not at all as active during the summer as I had anticipated. That in itself was a challenge I had to overcome, and now I am excited to work on PRing my half marathon, as well as setting a goal to run at least 3 half marathons this year, and hopefully some smaller distances races in between. I’m also hoping to find a running club to enter some open track meets.

Dating a personal trainer has some benefits, like being able to work out together and always learning something new. I was always very anxious to weight lift because I had no idea what I was doing, and the last thing I want to do is hurt myself, especially an injury that could have a long term effect (after suffering from shins splints). In the end of 2014, I learned a lot and embraced weight lifting a lot more, and believe the training I started in the beginning of the year really helped my running time (I am determined to someday run 1:45 for the half marathon!) Because I can head into the gym more knowledgable now, I’m also challenging myself by training with my boyfriend as he prepares for his second NPC Physique show. Whether or not I get on stage is to be determined, but I’m looking forward to helping him towards his goal (and being in crazy shape myself won’t hurt either).

I turned 25 on the 17th! 😀 Twenty-five is an age that doesn’t really have that ‘right-out-of-college’ ring to it anymore, and in general I want to challenge myself much more career wise this year. I’m not sure what exactly that means yet, see, another general resolution, but it sounds really exciting so we’ll see where that takes me.

Last but not least, one of my main goals is challenging my finances this year. With two of my best friends weddings happening this year, a student loan that follows me more than my shadow, and a very big desire to vacation, I really want to do a better job of managing my finances. But I already signed up with Learnvest, and they do all the hard work, number crunching for me, and I love them.

There’s some of my main goals for 2015, can’t wait to check back in a few months and see how much progress I’ve made. Follow along with me on Twitter @jeme1 or Instagram @jess_eme to see how 2015 is shaping up!

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