5 Muscle Building Tips

Build-Muscle-FastThis article was originally written and posted for Work Out World. See the complete original article here. 

Have your New Year’s resolution set? Don’t waste any time on the road to success. Read on for five tips to build muscle fast in 2015!

1. Short intense weight training sessions.

Short, high intensity interval workouts allow you to still concentrate on form as you give yourself time to recover throughout. Not only will you feel the challenge during your workout, short, intense sessions are beneficial because your body will still be burning fat after you leave the gym, recovering to replenish the oxygen you were unable to take in during the workout. This means your metabolism with be high hours after your short workout. At WoW, we recommend our X-LAB program to help you achieve this goal –  a 30 minute designed workout to challenge your fitness level, burn calories, and build muscle fast!

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