At Home Arm Circuit

Every now and then weather warms up and you want to get some extra time outside, or you just want to do your workout in your living room. Either way you want a quick workout that can be done in less than 20 minutes and let you easily shower and continue your day. With just a few simple exercises you can have an at home arm workout, that can still easily translate to the gym and add more weight.

At Home Arms
10 push-ups
10 squat presses – I used a 15lb pound, you can use something you have around, like your laundry detergent bottle. Make sure it is something you can easily hold that distributes the weight evenly.
10 chair dips
10 hi-low planks – Raise and lower yourself one arm at a time from elbow to full extension.

Complete this circuit ten times. Don’t let yourself off the hook! If you can’t complete ten, complete AS MANY as you can until failure. Use your completed number of sets as your goal to surpass next workout.

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