Fruit 2 Go

I hate wasting food. It’s something I’m working on doing as little as possible of and have grown up to waste as little as possible. It also ties into my spring cleaning efforts to use everything in my kitchen before I make any other purchases.

One of the reasons I find myself wasting is the dreaded fresh fruit and veggies that went bad before I could eat them. For starters, I’ve stopped buying to a sale, meaning if avocados are 4 for $5 but I just need two, I call it a day and only buy what I need. (However, I’ve given up on buying avocados which is sad because I love them oh-so-much, but avocados, you’re a pain.) I also started buying a lot of frozen fruit for the shakes I make, since they’re going to get all ground up anyway.


I bought fresh cranberries for smoothies when they were in season to freeze, however I didn’t really enjoy them. I didn’t think about how tart they would be, but I wasn’t a total fan of them, so to avoid them going to waste, I made sure they would get used. Before my spinach took a slimy turn, I got quart sized freezer bags and stuffed them with spinach, frozen blueberries cranberries. I already have some bananas frozen in wax paper so they weren’t included in this batch of single serving freezing. Since it’s just some fruit, I’ll probably rinse out and reuse the freezer bags for the next batch if I’m feeling ambitious. But, I love having these on hand knowing I already have a serving ready and don’t have to worry about delicate spinach going bad.

I won’t use these for all of my smoothies, but I did save some spinach separately for other fruit smoothies. I save these when I find myself in a rush and need to throw it in the Nutribullet with some yogurt and almond milk and go! Also, not really sure how often that happens…

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