4 Week Jumpstart VIP PACKAGE

Do you struggle with accountability when it comes to fitness? It is easy to make excuses for workouts, or stop short on an exercise. But what if you pushed yourself to a new limit with every workout, with every set?

If you want to finally have a breakthrough toward a healthier lifestyle and stronger version of YOU, than the VIP package with one-on-one training sessions maybe the personalized fitness plan you need. Training will be done in-home or in a training studio in Bradley Beach, New Jersey.

We’ll work to keep you motivated and accountable for workouts that will push you towards success as you transform to the level of fitness you’ve always wanted to achieve.


What to look forward to:

  • Identify what has held you back from success in the past
  • Create a plan specific for your goals
  • Learn how to create a meal plan to support your goals and success
  • Build your fitness confidence to tackle new and inspiring workouts
  • Assess your progress weekly to make any necessary adjustments to keep you accountable
  • Meet once weekly for a 45 minute one-on-one personal training session

Ready to start planning your VIP Experience?
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Think online training is for you? Learn more about the 4 Week Jumpstart to Success Online Training Package.

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